Popular Mechanics Answers a Common Summer Question About Car Oil

30 Jul

Popular Mechanics is a fantastic magazine where past issues have found the way into every room in my house – especially where I end up with extra time on my hands waiting for my sons, Dranem and Kirjen to actually DO what I ask them to do; put on their shoes, find a hat or whatever.

Recently, while patiently waiting yet once again, for one of them to round up a favorite toy before heading out to go crabbing, I read an article that asked (and answered!) an excellent question that I am asked every June and July – Does a Car Really Need to Use Heavier Oil in the Summer?

Then, I come across another great article that is oh, so appropriate:
20 Ways To Save Gas This Summer. Common sense stuff, but basic things we all tend to forget until reading an article like this.

Not one to steal, I tracked down their online version of both of these quick reads to link them here – but I’ll tell you now, what you read might surprise you!

Fish on ~ Kirk